I am a generalist Data Scientist in the Seattle area, with a specialty in clustering/segmentation. My interests span across fields and problem spaces, but with common purpose: to find value and knowledge from data. We're in the midst of a data revolution in every discipline in both public and private sectors, and I am very excited to be a part of it.

My background is theoretical/quantitative biology, where I've worked in paleontology, biogeography, epidemiology, complex networks, and sociology of science. I completed a PhD from the University of Washington in 2013, where I worked with Carl Bergstrom. I developed methodology to delineate biomes from species distributional data in extant and fossil organisms. In general I'm fascinated by ecological processes that play out over millions of years and across vast swathes of area, such as the formation of rain forests, merging of seas, and blending of fauna.

In my professional life, I am a Data Scientist at Amazon Web Services in Infrastructure, where I use massive volumes of timeseries data produced by networks of routers and datacenters all over the world to ensure sufficient capacity, drive scaling decisions, and maximize operational efficiency. One hundred years ago, it was not uncommon for factories to produce their own power. Productivity and profit was revolutionized by the invention of the power grid. Now, we are in the midst of that same revolution on the Internet: the rapid expansion of cloud computing is providing countless public and private entities with low-cost computing.

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bonets - biogeographic occurrence networks

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This UI allows a user to upload a biogeographic dataset and get some preliminary analyses of his or her distributional data. This site is in active development, with a few features released every few months.

Developmental schedule is highly tailored to the user base. Please contact to describe a use case that isn't supported in the current site, and we'll see if we can get something worked out.


Peer-reviewed publications

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Daril Vilhena and Alexandre Antonelli

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Miscellaneous publications

A Network Approach to Scholarly Evaluation (2013)

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Jevin West and Daril Vilhena

Boundaries and dynamics of biomes

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Daril Vilhena